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Eight Ways ADIC’s Approach is Different

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1. ADIC tackles poverty at its roots

ADIC holds strongly to the belief that the infrastructure deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa is a leading cause of poverty across the continent; by placing our entire focus on the development of sustainable and long-lasting infrastructure in Africa, AFIDEP attempts to eradicate poverty at its roots.

2. ADIC operates in a ‘limitless’ industry

The proposing, planning, financing, construction, and maintenance of a large-scale or small-scale infrastructure project has many moving parts; furthermore, with AFIDEP’s 2015 focus of public private partnerships, such initiatives will also include the governments. Whether you are a financial body, a raw materials group, a management group, a governmental organization, or an NGO, your organization has a welcome and vital space in AFIDEP’s partnership team.

4. ADIC originates from African leadership

ADIC’s Lead Organiser draws his drive and inspiration from his own experience. As AFIDEP is run by African leadership and is populated by a team sensitive to the social, economic, and cultural issues across the continent, AFIDEP offers the unique ability to be present and mindful of contemporary Africa while also maintaining knowledge and expertise in Western markets.

5. ADIC is a truly global partnership

ADIC manages to cross cut many continents with its headquarters in Zurich. The combination of African leadership with European market access and know-how makes AFIDEP a unique “one-stop” partnership. AFIDEP provides access to African cultures and governments while maintaining a European identity. With staff from around the globe, endorsement from different continents, and partners from African and North American establishments, AFIDEP is truly global.

6. ADIC is a malleable partnership

ADIC and its entire staff stand out among similar endeavors around the world as AFIDEP attempts to be as flexible and progressive as possible. As we are an ongoing, limitless partnership based organization, forward is the only direction. As AFIDEP’s partnership grows, the depth and capabilities of AFIDEP will continue to expand. AFIDEP’s malleable and ever-growing nature allows for partners to play a unique role in the direction of AFIDEP. Joining the AFIDEP partnership allows your organization to become a part of a global, constantly expanding, progressive and exciting endeavor in which all parties are heard.

7. ADIC is not charity

ADIC breaks away from the charity model. We do not believe Africa needs to be “helped.” Rather, AFIDEP maintains that provided Africa is given the correct resources, in this case infrastructure, the continent will begin to develop from the core. AFIDEP is not interested in free handouts that create unstable and oftentimes culturally muddled relationships between publically funded NGO’s/charities and African communities.

8. ADIC listens, AFIDEP cares

ADIC is ultimately here to listen and learn from its partners, the African institutions we work with, and all other parties involved. Ultimately, we care about the development of Africa for the sake of the citizens of Africa. We do not wish to place all power into the hands of foreign investors and we simultaneously attempt to preserve the integrity and high ROI for all parties involved. AFIDEP wants to forge win-win relationships for any and all AFIDEP partners and initiatives.

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