AFIDEP (African Infrastructure Development Partnership) is a Swiss-based organization offering alternative approaches to African development. We promote solutions that focus on win-win for all parties. AFIDEP poses to curb poverty, migration and terrorism through collaborative investment while encouraging indigenous participation and empowerment.

AFIDEP is working with African governments, businesses and global partners to accelerate development and economic independence. AFIDEP’s methods are predominantly aimed at reducing unemployment, poverty, unrest, and human trafficking.

We will support our vision by pursuing approaches that create jobs by boosting and supporting SMEs and encouraging large organisations to do ethical businesses while working with all governments to create and enforce policies that ensure an enabling environment and level playing ground for businesses and partners. By pushing for, and encouraging infrastructure development, we intend to establish a major vehicle for job creation, propel sustainable development and confront the root cause of African challenges.

Our priority is the positive social and economic impact we make, creating win-win situations for all stakeholders.

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