Stumbled Upon: Realising more Wakandas in Africa

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Stumbled Upon: Realising more Wakandas in Africa

I read an article on buzzercast.com this morning, “Moving African integration further forward”, which I feel like sharing my view on.


Growing up in Africa, I hoped for the best, dreamt for the best. Having been born in Nigeria, the Promised Land for many Africans of my age, I was privileged. Basic and necessary public amenities worked – public schools, hospitals, roads were clean and etc. Then came the decline. Since the turn of the downside, mostly brought about by interference from external forces supported by the natives, “things have fallen apart”.

The decline of the good days has brought wishful thinking, hope upon hope to make things better again.  No wonder “Africa united phrases” like “things will be better”, “we are helping”, “we have helped” or Africa economy is growing” are common stories these days. Questioning the last phrase, we need to ask “how does investing in Africa by foreigners impact Africans"?

One country which seems to have gotten her onions together in the Sub-Sahara is Rwanda. The Article I am inviting you to read concludes by describing Rwanda as “the futuristic ‘Wakanda’”.  What is Rwanda doing right which other African countries do not do? Three things -

  1. Rwanda is full of patriotic, vibrant national orientated youths who seek and develop the opportunities in their country
  2. Women are challenged and are given the chance to lead men dominated business domains
  3. A national leader - who, in my opinion, thinks he's several years behind schedule and need to catch up at all cost

Look at most other African countries, you will find that their political system follows a recycling model of same people, same clan, same old ideas since over 50 years.

In my elementary arithmetic, I learned that "0 x 0=0" whereas, "0x1000" or even a higher number will always equal "0".

Politics and economy of youth and women inclusion are necessary all over Africa for the continent to be truly developed. The olds must go to rest and fresh bones must be ushered in.

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