Including Private Sectors in the Development Calculations in Africa

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Including Private Sectors in the Development Calculations in Africa

Including Private Sectors in the Development Calculations in Africa

Oftentimes, Africa’s future is discussed and remotely controlled principally by people and organisations not on the continent. This means to a large extent that these deciders have been identifying Sub-Saharan Africa’s development strategies leaving the Africans themselves to merely pay the price for their “hard work.” As they decide for the Africans

they do so from an outsider’s perspectives largely without taking into consideration the various cultures of the people of this vast continent with a population of over a billion people.

The Swiss based African Infrastructure Development Partnership (AFIDEP) is set to contribute towards changing this phenomenon through its upcoming forum to be held in Zurich in October this year.

Dubbed “The Private-Public Partnership or PPP Initiative 2015,” the three-day forum that kicks off in Zurich on October 22 will bring together speakers based in the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. They will be representing organisations such as the African Development Bank and the Centre for Research and Development. AFIDEP's member, Dayo Ogunsola will also form part of the core speakers. The speakers were drawn from a variety of backgrounds so as to provide participants a thorough and well-rounded view of the situation.

The organisers believe that by including private firms, public/NGO ventures, and academic perspectives, participants will be able to acquire a wealth of knowledge on the use and implementation of PPPs and what is known as Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) that will ultimately encourage business plans and investment deals on the continent.

AFIDEP a trademark of Dayo Consulting Switzerland is attempting to address the problems of Africa’s vast underemployment, underdevelopment and poverty by bridging resources between African enterprises and European, Asian and American aspirations. The organisation believes that the continent’s infrastructure deficiency is the root cause for most of its socio economic, political and societal malaise. It is against this backdrop that it is encouraging the fusion and strengthening of the public and private sectors. An economic approach through investment on profitable projects will bring win-win for all stakeholders.

It is expected that the forum will provide a platform for answers to a number of the continent’s development questions through the presentations, discussions and workshops. Some of the issues under infrastructure that will come up for in-depth debates will include road and railways, water piping, water treatment, mining and port facilities, manufacturing and electrical plants, services and airports construction.


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