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Africa is often touted as a great opportunity for businesses to expand their reach, as markets for many products and services are not yet saturated, or do not deliver high enough quality to consumers and businesses. However, entering an African market is not always easy. Each of the continent's 54 countries has a different business environment, infrastructure, demographic constellation, and an array of other important factors to consider. AFIDEP can help you navigate these challenges and let you focus on creating value for your customers.

Business Trips

Business trips to different African countries is a new server offered by AFIDEP as part of our services to showcase business opportunities in Africa to entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.

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Benefit From our Network

Many businesses fail when entering an African market because they fail to consider the many ways factors such as culture, business environment, and consumer behavior vary across the continent. With an expert on ground, Our expert representatives are spread across 15 African countries from East to West, ready to help you bring your product or service into Africa's promising markets.

Get Your Leads Straight from the Source

Our platforms will help you meet the people you need to kick-start your business in Africa. Network with potential partners and clients at our international convention in Switzerland, the ADIC. Host one of our local events in your target region and you will have governments and communities on your side.

Don't Carry Coal to Newcastle

Knowing the people and culture of the countries we work in, AFIDEP can help you adapt your products and services to the markets you are targeting. We can help you identify countries and regions where your products are relevant and in demand.

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